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360 Feedback Cycle: Checking In Again

  To summarise the steps we’ve taken so far, the 360 feedback process includes: Measuring the right skills, relying on empirical research to determine which leadership competencies really make a difference to the performance of staff in the organisation, rather than on some senior executive’s beliefs about what makes a good manager. Taking the time to properly explain, both to participants and to the people giving feedback to those participants (we call them ‘raters’), why they’re going through the exercise and how the data will be used for the...

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360 Degree Feedback Coaching

At click360SelfDrive, we’ve had years of experience in delivering 360 feedback and these days nearly all our coaching is offered virtually via an online meeting platform.  We split the coaching sessions into two parts: coaching session #1 and coaching session #2.

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Generating 360 Feedback Reports

Generating 360 degree feedback reports is one of the most fundamental components of the entire 360 feedback process. It allows for accountability, clarity and action. Without the 360 report, how are you going to take appropriate action?  Although the individual 360 report might be viewed as the end result of the process, you should be mindful that it might actually be only the start of the journey towards management or leadership development.  Unless those development actions are undertaken by the 360 feedback participants, your investment up to this point will be diluted.

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How Staying At Home Can Support Your 360 Projects 📝🏠

Amidst the rapidly changing environment, there are some creative ways to benefit from the current situation. With so many of you working from home right now, there's never been a better time to launch your 360-degree feedback project.

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Deploying The 360 Survey

So what exactly are we going to cover in respect of deploying your 360? This will be different to the other blogs and I will make no apology for ‘bigging up’ our own applications in the process!  Think of it more like a checklist. Some of the things to consider when choosing a 360-degree feedback vendor…

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Understanding The Project Scope

All 360-degree feedback projects need to start with a detailed scoping discussion so that we can understand what it is you are trying to achieve with 360 feedback and what might potentially get in the way. Whatever your circumstances and whoever you partner with over the 360 application, you should go through this same process.

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