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Understanding The Project Scope

We already covered the importance of separating 360 degree feedback from the performance appraisal so that the focus of the 360 is on the development, rather than the assessment, of your people. That way you are likely to get more honest feedback because no-one’s remuneration or career progression is likely to be influenced directly by the outcome of their 360. As well, please banish any thoughts you may have about using 360 feedback to ‘fix’ any of your people that have performance issues. 360 feedback is purely about helping your people to be the best they can be. In...

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360 Feedback Review Process

The 360 degree feedback process may vary slightly from company to company, however, each follows a similar structure.

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How to Enhance Leadership and Talent Management With 360 Feedback Tools

360-degree feedback is a powerful, multi-dimensional leadership development tool that draws upon the knowledge of people within a person's own circle of influence within their working environment. This includes, but is not limited to, supervisors, peers and direct reports.  It is most widely used for internal development, and many organisations are using 360 for leadership and talent management. 

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Personal Feedback on Social Media Platform: Linkedin

As you know, my company is in the feedback business. Normally these blogs are related to the art and science of 360-degree feedback...that's the hill I'm King of! But this time I want to use the blog space to have a beef...give a bit of feedback of my own. The subject of my feedback is the social network for professionals: Linkedin.

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How 360 Degree Appraisals Are Used For Leadership Development

In order to be an effective leader, you not only need to hold your own perception of your strengths and weaknesses but also be aware of the impact of your behaviour on those that you lead. 360 degree appraisals help lend perspective to an employee’s strengths and weaknesses from the individual, team and organisation’s perspectives.   

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We Built Our 360 Feedback Platform - Why Didn't Anybody Take Part?

Are you a business owner or line manager who is looking to capitalise on the benefits of 360 feedback? Improving employee performance is crucial to success. Regardless of how great an organisation’s values, visions are objectives are, goals cannot be achieved without a well-performing team working around you.

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