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We Built Our 360 Feedback Platform - Why Didn't Anybody Take Part?

360 feedback is the process by which members of a working team evaluate themselves against a set of behavioural statements, usually linked to a competency framework, before inviting a selected number of fellow team members to do the same. Effective 360 degree feedback processes will also include development planning and coaching sessions. Implementing effective performance and appraisal processes is key to building a successful team who are motivated to perform to the best of their abilities. When done right, the discoveries you will make through using 360-degree feedback regarding the...

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How Can 360 Feedback Tools Transform Your Leaders

As any business owner or manager knows, bringing the best out of your employees is the crux of your success as an enterprise. Ultimately, without a team performing to the best of its abilities around you, the likes of objectives, business values, visions and goals become redundant.

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