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Deploying The 360 Survey

Background Expertise – Origins and Experience of Vendor What are this supplier’s credentials…are they from an HRD/L&D/psychology practitioner background or an IT background? Where is the vendor located?  Is this important?  Check. Have they ever worked at the coal face with 360-degree feedback or are they simply programmers who’ve jumped on the 360 bandwagon?  Does any of that matter?  Check. How long has the vendor been trading in this area?  Check. What does the client list look like?  Check? Has this vendor helped similar...

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360 Feedback Process: The Awareness Briefing

In the fourth part of this blog series, we are going to investigate the next stage of the 360-degree process, the Awareness Briefing.  Out of all the stages in running a successful 360-degree feedback implementation, we believe this one ranks as arguably the most important. 

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360 Degree Feedback Questionnaire Design

As the third blog in our series, we’re going to investigate 360 degree questionnaire design, competency frameworks (from which bespoke questionnaires are often drawn) and what makes a good question.

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Understanding The Project Scope

All 360-degree feedback projects need to start with a detailed scoping discussion so that we can understand what it is you are trying to achieve with 360 feedback and what might potentially get in the way. Whatever your circumstances and whoever you partner with over the 360 application, you should go through this same process.

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360 Feedback Review Process

The 360 degree feedback process may vary slightly from company to company, however, each follows a similar structure.

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We’re Honored To Be Honored

At, we are proud to be crowned with the 2019 Corporate Coaching and Recruitment Award! Here at click360 we are always advising businesses of all shapes and sizes as to how 360 degree feedback can benefit them. Now, we have independent third party endorsement.

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