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Are you in a progressive organisation that is up for being challenged around how you conduct leadership or management development programmes (L/MDPs)?

Up until now the traditional or conventional L/MDP has been structured like this:

  • modular, over many months
  • residential, classroom-based modules involving one or more facilitators
  • supported by coaching/action learning and other learning resources (books, videos, articles etc)

 Is that how you’ve done it up ‘til now?

Are you in a progressive organisation?

In the HBR article ‘Why Leadership Training Fails-And What To Do About It’ by Beer, Finnstrom and Schrader (Oct 2016) it seems that “…for many organizations, measurement starts and ends with the post-course evaluations.”

All of this takes a lot of resource: trainers, coaches, venues, travel, materials, time off the job, opportunity cost, etc.
In short...

And yet if you try to find published evidence of return on expectations of such programmes, let alone return on investment, the data is scant to say the least. Add to this the fact that pretty much zero physical classroom-training has been taking place for nearly a year thanks to the pandemic (and is likely to remain that way for some time) and you have to wonder if it’s now time to look at something different.

Ask yourself:  are you the kind of person who is open to a brand-new alternative approach that takes less time, saves a considerable amount of money and yet is already supported by hard evidence of at least a 400% ROI?

If so, you owe it to yourself as well as your organisation to spend a few mins checking this out. Everything you see below is delivered virtually, via Zoom.

click-360Plus L/MDP Implementation Plan

click-360Plus L/MDP Implementation Plan

The above implementation plan can be supplemented by 3-way meetings that include the participant’s line manager and a formal coaching objectives engagement brief, which is drawn up after the first 3-way meeting. This is how we can measure ROE/ROI at the end of the programme. Where applicable, an optional end of project debrief including all the coaches involved will give you our take on where your culture is supporting your leaders & managers and where it is holding them back.

You are right if you think that some of the benefits of traditional L/MDPs might be potentially lost, for example there was always a cross-fertilisation advantage to the organisation by bringing leaders/managers from different functions together in the classroom, but this can be augmented in the (predominantly 1:1) click-360Plus programme by virtual action-learning sets. If you are insistent on there being a qualification/accreditation attached to each individual’s completion of the programme, then we would work with ILM/CMI to make this happen.

Why invest in leadership development?

  • Gen Z is looking for organisations that invest in leadership development…that’s a magnet for them. So this impacts your ability to attract the best talent.
  • Millennials are much more likely to stay with an organisation that invests in leadership development…it’s one of the best tools you have for talent retention.
  • You’ve heard the expression “People join a company, they leave a leader”. Good leaders help you retain the best employees.
  • Good leaders keep staff engaged. Engaged staff are more productive, they feel better about making greater discretionary effort. Engaged staff look after your customers better.

Why click-360Plus rather than a conventional leadership development programme?

  • The 360 feedback report leads to a tailored development plan for each participant whereas L/MDPs deliver the same content to every participant.
  • L/MDPs have traditionally relied upon an element of classroom-based training. With the restrictions on physical gatherings caused by the pandemic, how can you be sure that Zoom- based, online learning equivalents actually work?
  • click-360Plus delivers better results in less time.
  • click-360Plus is simply better value for money.


How Much to Join the Revolution?

The cost per participant varies depending on the options taken up and the numbers involved in the click-360Plus L/MDP but runs from £2,900* for 1 down to £2,262* if 30 are enrolled in the programme at the same time.

* Prices exclude VAT, which is charged at the ruling rate

For more details please contact:

Colin Newbold
+44 (0)203 988 6666

Other things we do…

Other things we do…

  • we can build you a completely bespoke online Enterprise self-managed application so that you can run multiple 360 degree feedback implementations with all the features you desire and with a totally tailored look and feel
  • click-360Core combines our software with an awareness briefing and just two feedback coaching sessions on a 'done for you' basis
  • we operate a bureau service where we take care of the whole 360 implementation for you on a 'pay as you go' basis
  • is a completely self-service 360 application...whether you want one or multiple 360s there is no set-up fee, no annual contract and no monthly payments; you simply pay for the 360s you need on a 'just in time' basis

Contact us at if you'd like an update on what we do and how we might best serve you.

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