How Staying At Home Can Support Your 360 Projects

Staying Connected

With so many of your/your clients' people working from home right now, there's never been a better time to launch your 360-degree feedback project(s). Firstly, they will likely be sitting in front of their keyboards and monitors for longer periods than usual. Secondly, even if they weren't before, they are likely to be very familiar with how online meetings work. Thirdly, there may be fewer distractions than at work (apologies to anyone involved in home schooling). Lastly, the current situation calls for high levels of empathy and compassion from your leaders and managers – this would be a very good time to assess their levels of emotional intelligence using our EiQ questionnaire.

You are invited to participate in one or more FREE 30-min online Group Mentoring Sessions where we help you to make the most out of the present situation (you may have more time right now to engage with this sort of thing).

Each session will feature one or more subject matter experts in the field of 360-degree feedback and will include some structured inputs on each subject. Our main purpose however is to field questions from you so that you can further your knowledge on the subject.

To find out more about each session, please click on the next to each heading below. The booking form enables you to book on one or any number of sessions, whereupon you will receive a confirmation email. Please be aware that bookings are limited to just 12 participants per session, to ensure you get personal attention and your questions answered.

Data Privacy & Security + Permissions – Tue Apr 14 @ 16:00 BST WATCH VIDEO

This 30-min online Group Mentoring Session takes you through what you need to look for from a 360 degree feedback vendor in order to ensure that your data is safe and secure.

Because all 360 feedback applications send significant numbers of emails in regular bursts, this may trigger firewall alerts at your/your client end causing those emails to be delayed in quarantine, placed in Spam/Junk folders or even downright rejected. We'll show you how to minimise the risk of this happening.

The click-360 questionnaire interface (QI) requires users to keep their browser windows open for long periods of time while they think about and input their scores and their comments. Some IT protocols restrict internet browser activity by placing a 'time-out' limit... you'll be shown how to combat that.

Questionnaire Design – Thu Apr 23 @ 15:00 BST WATCH VIDEO

This 30-min online Group Mentoring Session guides you through the complex process of building a bespoke questionnaire that is both reliable and valid.

Because we've seen hundreds of 360-degree feedback questionnaires over the years, we are able to share examples of how to (and how not to) construct the questions. We'll introduce to our idealised ‘Rule of 7' together with real-life examples of ‘killer questions' that we know to be effective.

We'll also show you a range of likert scales (answer sets) and discuss the number of options in a scale most likely to produce meaningful results.

Awareness Briefing – Wed Apr 29 @ 16:00 BST WATCH VIDEO

This 30-min online Group Mentoring Session introduces you to a simple 10-step process of gaining engagement and buy-in to your 360 feedback project.

We'll show you the 3 biggest obstacles to questionnaire completion and how to overcome them, resulting in a greater quantity of feedback and more insightful qualitative comments.

Our model for awareness briefings asks participants (the people at the centre of the 360, the ones getting the reports at the end) to have invitation conversations with their raters (those providing feedback) – we'll give you a template for those conversations.

Deploying the 360 – Tue May 5 @15:00 BST WATCH VIDEO

This 30-min online Group Mentoring Session gives you numerous pointers to look out for when deploying a 360-degree feedback implementation.

We'll talk about purpose (is this for assessment or development?), cultural readiness, choosing your supplier, and share a model implementation plan with you.

Individual and Organisational Reports – Thu May 14 @ 16:00 BST WATCH VIDEO

This 30-min online Group Mentoring Session introduces you to the options around individual and organisational reporting.

You'll learn what are the key components of an individual report and how those pages can be used. We'll show the differences between .pdf reports (optimised for printing) and digital reports (optimised for viewing and storing online). We'll introduce the concept of workbooks to support participants' interpretation and understanding of their reports as well as to capture their observations and reflections.

Organisational insights can be really helpful when it comes to recruiting staff for different projects, succession planning and talent management in general. We'll discuss the most popular organisational reports with examples.

Feedback Coaching Session #1 (Understanding the key messages) – Wed May 20 @ 15:00 BST WATCH VIDEO

This 30-min online Group Mentoring Session is an opportunity to learn why and how we split the feedback coaching into two parts and what we cover in round #1.

There is often so much data in an individual report that it helps to have an expert help you navigate your way through. As well, there can be areas of confusion, conflict even, and knowing how to deal with those is vital.

The outcome of this first feedback session is to leave the participant with a clear understanding of their most developed strength as well as their top 3 development priorities. We'll offer you a templated flow chart to assist in this process.

Checking Out (Resolving ambiguity/conflict, gaining clarity and depth) – Tue May 26 @ 15:00 BST WATCH VIDEO

This 30-min online Group Mentoring Session introduces you to a methodology we perfected some years ago that encourages the participant to seek out a representative proportion of their raters and check out their feedback in order to gain further depth and clarity.

We will discuss the importance of setting up this process back at the awareness briefing stage so that it is expected and welcomed when the appropriate time comes.

The most important conversations will be the ones the participant has with their line manager and their direct reports and we'll show you why the latter is best conducted in a group session. A slide deck explaining the process will be available to all participants.

Feedback Coaching Session #2 (Creating a robust development action plan) – Thu Jun 4 @ 16:00 BST WATCH VIDEO

This 30-min online Group Mentoring Session covers the purpose of the second feedback coaching session, which is designed to leave the participant with a robust and detailed action plan, together with dependencies and timelines.

We will provide you with a robust process to follow and we welcome discussion around our model, looking to build on best practice. Participants will get a templated flow chart to guide them through the second feedback coaching session.

Checking In (How am I doing?) – Wed Jun 10 @ 15:00 BST WATCH VIDEO

The final 30-min online Group Mentoring Session in our series introduces you to a concept that we built in to many of our projects, starting a few years ago.

All too often a 360-degree feedback exercise is a one-time only experience. Not surprising, given the amount of potential disruption it can cause to business as usual. Until recently, it was believed that the most obvious – perhaps the only - follow up to a 360 feedback participant was to undertake a full-blown repeat 360 project, some time afterwards. Otherwise, how would you know if the 360 experience had any impact on the cultural, let alone commercial, return on investment.

Well that's all changed now, thanks to our Checking In process. We'll show you a model implementation plan for this and discuss how it might be adapted to fit your own/your client's organisation.