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Covid-19 And The Leadership Development Challenge

Coaching and classroom-based training are two of the most used development methodologies by many global organizations to develop, create or improve a(n) (existing) set of knowledge, skills and behavior that an employer or an employee needs to own. The terms "Coaching" and "Training" can be frequently used interchangeably and lead to confusion. but if a client is well-aware of the published evidence and differences that exist around each method, they will make the right call by choosing the most beneficial approach for their needs. In this blog post, you will find the key answers to the...

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Behaviours That Team Leaders Should Adopt When Managing Remotely

Whilst reading this article, we ask you to consider: What are some of the implications when working remotely? How can team leaders effectively manage remote employees and performance?

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How to Develop a Growth Mindset in the Workplace

Whilst reading this article, we ask you to consider: what happens when you have challenges at work? Do you face them head-on, or do you avoid the situation? Are you open to feedback, or do you feel defensive?

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360 Performance Appraisal KPIs All Managers Should Be Setting

Using behavioural or developmental KPIs to guide individual performance is a controversial topic. Most of you will see KPI’s as highly measurable things, the WHAT somebody or some team or department or organisation should be doing…usually with some clearly defined metric involved. For example:

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7 Common Mistakes With 360 Multi-rater Feedback

360-degree multi-rater feedback or appraisal is a process which is used to evaluate an individual (typically a leader or a manager, or someone that aspires to those positions) against a group of behavioural statements, depending on your organisation’s competency framework and values.

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