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Why Develop Leaders and Managers?

"Some are born great, some achieve greatness and some have greatness thrust upon them. " - William Shakespeare We all know the importance of self-discovery, self-reflection, or personal/professional development. We all want to be remarkable at what we do for a living. Some of us will want to grow our technical and functional skills such that we become the go-to subject matter expert in our field and others will seek a career in management and/or leadership.  In either case, the pursuit of excellence in leadership is just as valuable, in other words ‘leading yourself’ is as...

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Covid-19 And The Leadership Development Challenge

Every year, millions of pounds, dollars and euros are spent on leadership and/or management development programs (L/MDPs). Our research team spent weeks looking for published evidence on their effectiveness. They really struggled. What they found was plenty of evidence that suggested a poor return on expectation, let alone return on investment. At the same time, our research team also looked for evidence of the effectiveness of executive coaching. They found a considerable amount, much of it recent. This blog summarizes their findings. It concludes with our recommendations for developing leaders and managers in a world where face-to-face contact and classroom-based training is becoming much more difficult.

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Behaviours That Team Leaders Should Adopt When Managing Remotely

Whilst reading this article, we ask you to consider: What are some of the implications when working remotely? How can team leaders effectively manage remote employees and performance?

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How to Develop a Growth Mindset in the Workplace

Whilst reading this article, we ask you to consider: what happens when you have challenges at work? Do you face them head-on, or do you avoid the situation? Are you open to feedback, or do you feel defensive?

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Meaningful 1-1 Meetings and Management Touch Points Through 360 Assessment Tools

1-1 meetings are not exactly a new concept to many of us. Managers have been using meetings with their employees for years to gauge workloads, discuss any concerns and agree goals for the upcoming months. What managers may need to work on, however, is the way that 1-1 meetings are structured, how to get more out of 1-1 meetings, and crucially, how to truly actively listen to your employees during these personal meetings. 

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360 Feedback Cycle: Checking In Again

In this final blog of the series, we want to remind you what to do once your 360 feedback process has been completed, how to evaluate and align on next steps in order to keep the 360 feedback cycle running. 

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