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Covid-19 And The Leadership Development Challenge

Coaching and classroom-based training are two of the most used development methodologies by many global organizations to develop, create or improve a(n) (existing) set of knowledge, skills and behavior that an employer or an employee needs to own. The terms "Coaching" and "Training" can be frequently used interchangeably and lead to confusion. but if a client is well-aware of the published evidence and differences that exist around each method, they will make the right call by choosing the most beneficial approach for their needs. In this blog post, you will find the key answers to the...

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Behaviours That Team Leaders Should Adopt When Managing Remotely

Whilst reading this article, we ask you to consider: What are some of the implications when working remotely? How can team leaders effectively manage remote employees and performance?

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How to Develop a Growth Mindset in the Workplace

Whilst reading this article, we ask you to consider: what happens when you have challenges at work? Do you face them head-on, or do you avoid the situation? Are you open to feedback, or do you feel defensive?

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Meaningful 1-1 Meetings and Management Touch Points Through 360 Assessment Tools

1-1 meetings are not exactly a new concept to many of us. Managers have been using meetings with their employees for years to gauge workloads, discuss any concerns and agree goals for the upcoming months. What managers may need to work on, however, is the way that 1-1 meetings are structured, how to get more out of 1-1 meetings, and crucially, how to truly actively listen to your employees during these personal meetings. 

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360 Feedback Cycle: Checking In Again

In this final blog of the series, we want to remind you what to do once your 360 feedback process has been completed, how to evaluate and align on next steps in order to keep the 360 feedback cycle running. 

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Action Planning After Your 360 Feedback Session

Recent research from Perkbox has revealed that despite the government's job retention scheme, furlough has led to 61% of its workers feeling concerned over their future job security. In contrast, one in five of those workers who weren't furloughed said they felt more secure in their job a result. It has also been reported that just 15% of businesses have set a fixed date for returning to work, a further 22% of employees have received no clear guidance on how to return to work. Whether your business has furloughed some members of the team, is welcoming them back, or are looking to make further job cuts, gaining internal feedback at a time like this is critical.   Understanding where your business is lacking efficiency and potentially underperforming can give decision makers the data and information they need to make cost-saving cuts. 

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