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How to Deploy, Measure & Action Your 360 questionnaire

Previously, more traditional methods relied on simply receiving feedback from supervisors, often in the form of the annual appraisal. Online 360 questionnaires give individuals the opportunity to receive constructive feedback from their peers, direct reports and other colleagues on their skills, behaviour and communication.   How do I know if my organisation is ready to conduct 360 degree feedback? If we start at the very beginning of the 360 process, the first question you may be asking yourself is ‘how do I know if my organisation is ready to conduct 360 feedback?’ or...

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How 360 Degree Appraisals Are Used For Leadership Development

In order to be an effective leader, you not only need to hold your own perception of your strengths and weaknesses but also be aware of the impact of your behaviour on those that you lead. 360 degree appraisals help lend perspective to an employee’s strengths and weaknesses from the individual, team and organisation’s perspectives.   

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Pros and Cons of 360 Degree Feedback Software

360 degree feedback is a process used by organisations  in which leaders and managers evaluate themselves against a set of behavioural statements. At the same time , they will invite a selected number of colleagues to do the same. Some of these colleagues will be internal to the organisation, for example their line manager, their direct reports and peers and some will be external, such as customers and clients, people in partner organisations and suppliers. Development, planning and coaching sessions are also included in 360 degree feedback tool processes.  

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How to Identify and Fill Behavioural Skill Gaps within the Workplace

Skill gaps are ultimately one of, if not the biggest factor in whether or not an organisation is able to thrive and meet its goals as a team of collective individuals. A skill gap is essentially the imbalance or disparity between the skills that an employer needs to reach their objective and the ones which are currently on offer within the workforce. But are skill gaps enough to ensure success for the organisation, both culturally as well as commercially? 

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We Built Our 360 Feedback Platform - Why Didn't Anybody Take Part?

Are you a business owner or line manager who is looking to capitalise on the benefits of 360 feedback? Improving employee performance is crucial to success. Regardless of how great an organisation’s values, visions are objectives are, goals cannot be achieved without a well-performing team working around you.

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How Can 360 Feedback Tools Transform Your Leaders

As any business owner or manager knows, bringing the best out of your employees is the crux of your success as an enterprise. Ultimately, without a team performing to the best of its abilities around you, the likes of objectives, business values, visions and goals become redundant.

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